Answers to frequently asked questions about practical details.




Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get in touch? 

By phone or email.  If you ring and reach the confidential answerphone you can leave a message with your name and how to contact you. 

If you prefer you can send an email with details of how you wish to be contacted.   In either case, I shall get in touch as soon as I can - usually the same day.  We can then arrange an initial meeting. 

What happens at the initial Meeting?

This is where you can talk about what has brought you to seek counselling.  I’ll ask you about what is troubling you at the moment as well as asking you about your past experiences so that we can start to build a picture of your life so far.

I’ll also tell you about the practicalities of our work together and you will have time to ask any questions that might be worrying you.

In this session you would have the opportunity to get a sense of how you might, or might not, want to start counselling sessions with me.  You don’t need to decide on the spot.      

What happens if I decide to have regular sessions with you? 

We would arrange weekly sessions of fifty minutes for the same day and time each week. 


How much do sessions cost?

My fee is £42 and I can sometimes offer a reduced fee in special circumstances.


How long will it take?

This depends on your individual circumstances and the severity of the problems.  Weekly sessions for a few weeks to about six months can be helpful  for a specific problem or crisis.

Longer-term work offers the support and regularity that can be helpful in making significant changes for more long-standing difficulties. 


What about confidentiality?

The content of our sessions is confidential between us.  No information will be passed on without your permission unless there are circumstances where there is the risk of significant harm to yourself or someone else.

My work is supervised in accordance with the ethical framework of BACP.


How do I choose a therapist?

It's important that you feel that the therapist is right for you.  There are helpful leaflets available from the BACP website for people looking for a counsellor or psychotherapist.  (See the links page for more details).